Tubal Reversal Costs

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Every once and a while a patient will call and say that because of our reputation and the fact that we dye test our patients they want to come to our facility for tubal reversal but they have found a clinic that is less expensive.
The people who will talk to you in our surgical center will point out that we are actually less expensive. We have one fee that covers everything, period!

You will not have to pay for lab tests. These tests can cost $500.00. You will not have to pay for your hotel stay. We arrange your room and pay for it. We use a local Hilton hotel that is new and very nice. Even your breakfast is included.

Travel costs are usually less coming to our surgical center than other of the centers that specialize in tubal reversal. If you are driving from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas we are probably closer. We are the only tubal reversal center near a major airport hub (Atlanta) so your fare is likely to be less than what it would be at a smaller city.
The only things you have to do are getting here and buy your dinner.

Your medication is included. You only come once; your preoperative evaluation is done the day before surgery and is included.
We only do three tubal reversals a day so if we need more than the usual hour to hour and a half to do your surgery we can. Sometimes it takes longer to fix your tubes. If we need it, we can take the time to do it right.

We feel that dye testing the tubes and sewing them in layers are important. Both things are expensive and take time. This is an added value for you. Other surgeons may do as they think best for their patients and we have no argument with them. These things make sure that the tubes are not only open but open enough to function.

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  1. Tiangela frison says:

    How much is the tubal reversal surgery I’m in stone mountain and I’m really tryin to have the surgery thanks

  2. If your tubes were tied, cut, and burned is it possible to reverse and If so, does it cost more? What are your success rates? I have been pregnant twice and had healthy children. I was very fertile then.

  3. Anna Bright says:

    I am interested in having my essure reversed as soon as possible. Please send me information along with a payment plan. I would like to have this done by the end of this year.

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