Tubal Reversal Center, Gainesville GA

Welcome to the website of Lakeshore Tubal Reversal Center

Our one time charge for tubal reversal is $6900 and includes everything:

  • We will get a copy of your op note, if available
  • Your 2 night stay at a local hotel
  • All lab work.
  • Your preoperative evaluation and exam
  • All medications
  • Use of the operating room
  • Professional fees
  • Multilayer closure of your tubes
  • Anesthesia services
  • Dye testing of your repaired tubes
  • Postoperative care and follow-up

We specialize in restoring fertility to women who have had their tubes tied. The only thing we do is tubal ligation reversals. If you have been told that you need in vitro fertilization or IVF you should consider reversal. The operations that we do are cheaper, much safer and much more likely to result in a baby than even one month of IVF.

Our doctors; Dr. William Greene, Jr and Dr. Wendell Turner have over 70 years of combined experience in tubal surgery. Our licensed and accredited surgical center has done only this type of surgery for the past 12 years. Along with our surgical skills, we have developed skills in keeping our patients comfortable both in mind and body. You are certainly welcome to visit our center but if you come from far away and that is not possible you can read the testimonials of patients who have come here. We understand that your decision is a difficult one , you may have been told that you need IVF. Read this site; patients who come here often say that this web site helped them make up their minds or that the reason they chose us is that our people were so helpful over the phone. The procedure that we do is a proven method at giving couples another chance at parenthood. Our toll free number isĀ 877-588-5594.