Essure Removal

A number of patients have contacted us about removing Essure devices. The first thing to say is that most patients have some relief and it usually is dramatic. We do not know if removal of these devices will change any particular symptom. There does seem to be a thread of common symptoms in some Essure users. We hear about heavy bleeding, cramps, joint problems, metallic taste in the mouth, skin rashes, hair loss, depression and other problems. We have removed enough of these devices to say for sure that removal is helpful in most patients. We do have experience with Essure removal to restore fertility and what we are now offering is essentially half that operation, microsurgical removal of the Essure without reimplantation of the tubes. This operation removes the Essure devices without restoring the patient’s fertility. We have set an all inclusive fee of $4500 for this procedure. There is more about our all-inclusive fees on the “prices” page.
A word of caution, some patients have been told the only way to remove these devices is with a hysterectomy and that is very dangerous and wrong. The only safe way to get rid of an Essure is with microsurgical technique. This something I know for sure. There is now way to remove these devices by pulling them out and no way to completely remove them with a laparoscope. An attempt to remove the Essures with hysterectomy or laparoscopy can leave part of the Essure in the patient. The Essure is a pair of concentric springs about the diameter of the lead in a mechanical pencil. They grow into the tissue of the tube. We will remove your Essure with an outpatient procedure in about 30 minutes with an incision 2 inches wide at your pubic hair line. If you have a job, you should miss no more than 3 days, including travel.
Patients will tell us “if I have a hysterectomy my insurance will pay for getting rid of the Essures”. If you consider you will have a deductable to pay and your loss wages during 2-3 weeks of recovery it may be less expensive to let us take them out. We have a company that will precert your insurance for removal and they may get some money back from your insurance for you.
The company that marketed the Essure devices used to recommend that they not be used in patients. The Essure coils are made of an alloy of nickel. If you have trouble with inexpensive gold jewelry you may be allergic to nickel. They mix nickel with gold in some ear posts. Between 10-15% of women are allergic to nickel and this is probably the source of some of the problems patients have. The end of the Essure sticks into the uterine cavity like an IUD. IUD’s are known to cause bleeding and cramps so this may be the cause of these problems. If you are considering in vitro fertilization (IVF) you should have your Essures completely removed. The presence of the end of the Essure in the uterine cavity will prevent the fertilized egg from implanting in the womb and growing into a baby. The uterus acts like it knows something foreign is in the cavity and tries to expel the embryo like it does with a miscarriage. Don’t waste your money on IVF unless your Essure is completely removed.
People ask us why it’s important to remove Essures with microsurgical guidance. The nickel in the spring causes tissue reaction as the body reacts to it. The nickel alloy, Nitinol, is known to cause tissue reaction: that’s why they use it. If you come to Lakeshore for Essure removal we will carefully and completely remove your Essures and give them to you in a jar so you can take them with you.